Nissan Terrano 2 from 1985 to 1999
1. Maintenance instruction and to maintenance
2. Maintenance of the car
3. Четырехцилиндровыв engines
4. VS engines
5. All engines
6. Cooling systems, heating, ventilation and conditioning
7. Fuel and exhaust systems
8. System of electric equipment of the engine
9. System of decrease in toxicity of exhaust gases
10. Mechanical transmission
11. Automatic transmissions
12. Coupling driveshaft and back bridge
13. A running gear of cars with a wheel formula 4x4
13.1. Specifications
13.2. General information
13.3. The nave automatic interlock device - removal and installation
13.4. Half shafts - removal and installation
13.5. A half shaft - dismantling and assembly
13.6. A nave and a rotary fist - smyaty and installation
13.7. Nave epiploons – removal and installation, adjustment of bearings
13.8. The forward driveshaft - removal and installation
13.9. Epiploons of a forward reducer - replacement
13:10. A forward reducer - removal and installation
13:11. Epiploons of the transfer case - replacement
13:12. The transfer case - removal and installation
13:13. The transfer case - dismantling
14. Brake system
15. Suspension brackets and steering
16. Body and elements of finishing
17. System of electric equipment



13.4. Half shafts - removal and installation

1. Lift the car and establish on supports.
2. Remove a wheel.
3. Remove the automatic interlock device.
4. Get a lock ring from a half shaft pin.

2.З Детали устройства самоблокировки 1. Контргайка ступицы 2. Стопорная шайба 3,8. Пружинное кольцо 4. Шайба 5. Поводок В 6. Шайба А 7.  Шайба В 9. Поводок А 10. Пружина 11. Уплотнительное кольцо 12. Корпус 13. Детали устройства самоблокировки * Смазываем
2. З Details of the device of an automatic interlock 1. Lock-nut of a nave 2. Lock washer 3,8. Spring ring 4. Washer 5. Lead B 6. Washer A 7. Washer B 9. Lead A 10. Spring 11. Sealing ring 12. Case 13. * we Grease automatic interlock device details

2.4 После снятия корпуса достаньте стопорное кольцо, шайбы и поводок В 1. Поводок В 2. Стопорное кольцо 3. Шайба А
2.4 After removal of the case get a lock ring, washers and a lead B 1. Lead B 2. Lock ring 3. Washer And

3.6 Нанесите метки на корпус скользящего шарнира и на корпус редуктора, после чего отверните болты
3.6 Apply tags on the case of the sliding hinge and on the reducer case then turn off bolts

5. Remove a washer and a lead of Century.
6. Turn off bolts of fastening of a half shaft to a reducer (photo).
7. Turn off the lower bolt of the shock-absorber.
8. Remove a support (Hl. 10), take aside and fix.
9. Disconnect steering draft.
10. Slightly you will hang out the lower lever a jack. Turn off nuts and bolts and disconnect spherical support of levers. Carefully remove a half shaft assembled with a rotary fist.
11. Beat out a half shaft from a fist (photo).
12. At detection of defects on details sort a half shaft (see below).
13. Installation is carried out upside-down. Check an axial side play of a half shaft (photo). If the side play exceeds norm, then pick up a lock ring for thickness (see Specifications).

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13.5. A half shaft - dismantling and assembly