Nissan Terrano 2 from 1985 to 1999
1. Maintenance instruction and to maintenance
2. Maintenance of the car
3. Четырехцилиндровыв engines
4. VS engines
5. All engines
6. Cooling systems, heating, ventilation and conditioning
7. Fuel and exhaust systems
8. System of electric equipment of the engine
9. System of decrease in toxicity of exhaust gases
10. Mechanical transmission
11. Automatic transmissions
12. Coupling driveshaft and back bridge
13. A running gear of cars with a wheel formula 4x4
14. Brake system
14.1. Specifications
14.2. General information
14.3. Blocks disk (forward and back) brakes - replacement
14.4. A brake support - removal, dismantling and installation
14.5. A brake disk - check, removal and installation
14.6. Back drum brakes - replacement of blocks
14.7. The wheel cylinder of back drum brakes - removal, dismantling and installation
14.8. See hl. 1
14.9. Disks of back brakes - check, removal and installation
14:10. Blocks of the emergency brake (on back disk brakes) - removal, installation and adjustment
14:11. The main cylinder of brakes - removal, dismantling and installation
14:12. The regulator of pressure of brakes - removal and installation
14:13. The highway of a hydraulic actuator - check and replacement
14:14. Pumping of brakes
14:15. The vacuum amplifier of brakes - general information and check
14:16. The vacuum amplifier of brakes - removal and installation
14:17. The emergency brake - adjustment
14:18. The lever of the emergency brake - removal and installation
14:19. Cables of the emergency brake - removal and installation
14:20. The braking signal switch - removal and installation
14:21. Anti-blocking system (ABS) - general information and access to codes.
15. Suspension brackets and steering
16. Body and elements of finishing
17. System of electric equipment



14.4. A brake support - removal, dismantling and installation

The described operations belong to brakes, the equipped both one-piston and block (two-piston) cylinders.

1. Remove blocks.
2. Unscrew the hose union on a support (photo), disconnect and muffle a hose.
3. Turn off the top bolt of a support and remove a support from a disk.
4. Clear a support, following safety rules.
5. Carefully remove pistons with compressed air (photo), previously having wound the cylinder with rags.

2. 2а Дисковый тоомоз CL25VA (заднеприводные а/м с 4-цилиндровыми двигателями) 1. Медные прокладки 2. Цилиндр 3. Манжета 4. Поршень 5.  Чехол 6. Наружная прокладка 7.  Колодки 8. Держатели 9. Суппорт 10. Палец. Смазать скользящую часть 11. Колпачки 12. Вн
2. 2a Disk тоомоз CL25VA (rear-wheel cars with 4-cylinder engines) 1. Copper laying 2. Cylinder 3. Cuff 4. Piston 5. Cover 6. External laying 7. Blocks 8. Holders 9. Support 10. Finger. To grease the sliding part 11. Caps 12. Вн

2.2в Болт нижней оси
2.2v Bolte of the lower axis

2.3 Откидывание суппорта для доступа к колодкам 1. Цилиндр  2. Колодка 3. Держатели
2.3 Tilting of a support for access to blocks 1. Cylinder 2. Block 3. Holders

2.2б Дисковый тормоз CL25VD (все полноприводные а/м и все а/м с двигателями V6) 1. Шланг 2. Колпачок 3.  Штуцер для прокачки 4. Цилиндр 5. Манжеты 6. Поршень 7. Чехол 8. Наружная прокладка 9,17. Колодка 10. Держатели 11. Суппорт 12. На участки соприкасающ
2.2b the Disk brake of CL25VD (all all-wheel drive cars and all cars with V6 engines) 1. Hose 2. Cap 3. The union for pumping 4. Cylinder 5. Cuffs 6. Piston 7. Cover 8. External laying 9,17. Block 10. Holders 11. Support 12. On sites соприкасающ

2.5 Точки смазки силиконовым составом 1.  Место смазки
2.5 Lubricant points silicone structure 1. Place of lubricant

2.7 Смещение суппорта для установки наружных прокладок
2.7 Support shift for installation of external laying

2.8 Смазка держателей колодок 1.Место смазки
2.8 Lubricant of holders of blocks 1. Place of lubricant

3.5 Удаление поршня из цилиндра сжатым воздухом
3.5 Removal of the piston from the cylinder compressed air

3.6 Извлечение манжеты 1.  Суппорт 2. Канавка в цилиндре 3. Манжета 4. Пластмассовый пинцет
3.6 Extraction of a cuff 1. Support 2. A flute in the cylinder 3. Cuff 4. Plastic tweezers

3.2 Отверните болт и отсоедините штуцер. Медные прокладки подлежат замене
3.2 Turn off a bolt and disconnect the union. Copper laying is subject to replacement

6. Carefully get a cuff (photo) from the cylinder.
7. Turn out the union for pumping, get fingers and covers from a support.
8. Wash out and dry details.
9. Check a condition of pistons and the internal surface of the cylinder. At detection of noticeable damages, wear of a covering of a detail replace. At detection of corrosion on bolts replace bolts.
10. At assembly grease the piston and the cylinder with brake fluid, establish a new cuff (photo).
11. Dress a cover on the piston, having laid in a flute (photo).
12. Enter the piston into the cylinder without distortions, then having pressed drown the piston against the stop in a bottom of the cylinder (photo).
13. Install a cover on the cylinder.
14. Wrap the union for pumping
15. Grease fingers with silicone lubricant and establish with new covers in a support.
16. Further operations are carried out upside-down. Remove air from a hydraulic actuator of the understanding brake.

3.10 Установка манжеты 1.  Суппорт 2. Манжета 3. Канавка
3.10 Installation of a cuff 1. Support 2. Cuff 3. Flute

3.11 Установка чехла на поршень
3.11 Installation of a cover on the piston

4.3. Поверхность диска тормоза
4.3. Brake disk surface

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14.5. A brake disk - check, removal and installation